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The proposal recognizes the significance of Taurus Hill as a spectacular pristine Green in the heart of Vilnius and consciously avoids to be “Another White Light Box” on top of a hill. The genesis of the project is governed by two grand design gestures, the first of which is that the architecture will be part of the hill. Instead of dominating the hill silhouette it would enhance the Hill. Thus its most prominent façade recedes back along the slope gradient blurring the edge of nature and architecture. This also allows unhindered access to the roof top amphitheater to the public and where Vilnians are treated to sweeping panorama of the city and the river. The second grand gesture is driven by the acoustical proportion of the musical octave 1:8 and resonance chamber principles in designing and proportioning the volume (“Architecture is Frozen Music”) of the halls and the overall building. The materiality is inspired by “resonating woods” of the musical instruments.

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